☆ Star Beauty Black Pearl Adhesive is a total game changer for both the experienced and beginner lash artist.

☆ With its magnetic characteristics, makes lashing so much easier as it instantly bonds extensions to the natural lash.

☆ Made with high quality ingredients in small batch orders, results in longer retention.

☆ Reduce lashing time by up to 30 minutes.



☆ 1 Sec drying time

☆ 8 Weeks Retention

☆ Medium Viscosity

☆ Flexible Structure

☆ Minimal Fumes


Ideal Environment:

☆ 30-60% Humidity

☆ 20C/68F - 24C/75F



☆ Keep opened adhesive in an adhesive container.

☆ Keep in dry, dark and cool place, away from heat and sunlight.

☆ Opened adhesive could be used up to 1 month from opening date.

☆ Unopened adhesive could be stored unopened for up to 5 months.


Warning: For professional use only.

Formaldehyde and Latex Free



Black Pearl Adhesive